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Paving The Way For New Medicine.

By partnering with the community to ensure the safety and efficacy of new, modern medicine, we will all have an impact on eliminating health issues and diseases, including those that threaten our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

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Your contribution to advancing life-changing medications is crucial. You not only have the opportunity to reap the benefits of safer more effective medicines for your own health, but also for the health of your family and generations to come.

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  • No Insurance Required

  • Participate in research and share your experience with others.
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What They Are Saying.

I participated in a recent trial with Ventavia Research. Yvette Garcia and the staff all do a great job! Regards!

Jim Schuman

Great Staff! Looking forward to learning about their research results!

Cindy Martinez

Wonderful experience, staff is very caring towards their patients!

Axel Valdez

Staff is fantastic and friendly. They take awesome care of their patients as far as I can tell on my little ones' speedy visits.

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Ventavia Research Group was established with a vision to create a research company that would provide exceptional services to the clinical trial industry and community.