Birth Control Studies

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Investigational Birth Control Studies

Ventavia is looking for women (35 and younger) to participate in Paid Investigational Birth Control Studies.

You may be eligible to take part if you:

  • Are 35 years of age or younger
  • Do not wish to become pregnant within the next year
  • Are having vaginal sexual intercourse with a male partner at least once a month
  • Have a history of regular menstrual cycles of 21 to 35 days prior to the use of any hormonal contraceptive
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Why Participate?

Your contribution to advancing life-changing medications is crucial. You not only have the opportunity to reap the benefits of safer more effective medicines for your own health, but also for the health of your family and generations to come.

  • Receive compensation for your time and travel
  • No insurance required
  • Participate in research and share your experience with others

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