Become a Leader in Clinical Research

Partner with Ventavia

Partnering with Ventavia Research Group allows you to seamlessly integrate clinical research into your practice. Our dedicated Business Development team has established relationships with top pharmaceutical sponsors and works with you to find the studies that are right for your practice. Ventavia Research has an experienced team of clinical research professionals to oversee and enroll patients into the trials you are awarded, with the support of regulatory, quality, and data departments to ensure trial efficiency and patient safety.

By integrating clinical research into your practice, we are able to work alongside you to bring new and exciting treatments and preventative care options to your patients.

Partner With Us

Physician Benefits

Hit the Ground Running

  • In-house Principal Investigator training
  • Research team staffing
  • Innovative, new medical options for your patients

Get Support from Start to Finish

  • Quality team to oversee protocol datapoints and patient safety
  • Data entry services provided to meet appropriate timelines
  • Recruitment team to help with enrollment targets

Achieve Long-Term Success

  • Supplement your practice revenues
  • Expand your existing patient database
  • Bring clinical trials to your community