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Researchers to conduct COVID-19 vaccine trials in Texas

By March 3, 2022May 6th, 2022One Comment

A Texas-based research group is searching for people to participate in clinical trials for multiple COVID-19 vaccines.

Ventavia Research Group will conduct clinical trials in Keller, Fort Worth, and Houston.

The group is looking for healthy individuals 18 or older and also those who might be at high risk for exposure to COVID-19 — like first responders, grocery store workers, and other frontline workers.

“We’re at a place in the world where we need something quickly that can help protect lives. So these trials are being expedited,” said Mercedes Livingston, COO, Ventavia Research Group.

The group says how quickly they move through the final phases of the trial in part depends on how many people choose to participate.

Protection against COVID-19 has become a top priority as pharmaceutical companies shift their efforts to get a vaccine that’s safe and effective. Multiple companies have tapped Ventavia to operate the trials.

“We’re looking for a large number of patients thousands or you know 20,000- 30,000 patients and those studies are again looking at still the safety, but more now the efficacy and how well the vaccine or the product works, how it helps protect the patient from COVID,” Livingston said.

The company says researchers are also looking at how long the vaccine protection would last.

Participants will go through a medical screening to make sure they meet the criteria to participate. They’ll also be compensated for their time and travel.

“The patient is followed closely with regular follow-ups visits. They usually have some sort of electronic diary that they’re keeping to notate any site reactions if they get redness, where they get the shot, or anything like that. So they are followed closely by a physician,” said Olivia Ray, Ventavia Research Group.

Though the company says some of the trials they’re running are in the final phases – there’s no telling when a marketable vaccine will be available.

“It’s being said more at a higher level than hopefully in the spring of 2021 but ultimately it would take a crystal ball to know absolutely for sure, but they’re absolutely on the fastest track that they can take and being safe and keeping people healthy,” said Kristi Raney, Ventavia Research Group.

Those interested in participating can call 817-348-0228 or visit ventaviaresearch.com for more information.

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